Unity is a fantastic support for games

I use the Unity Engine to create games for competitions or for myself as a hobby, here's some of them

My Values

Work hard if you are trying alone, or in team !
Always keep going, if you are in team remember :
The main objective is to have the maximum of fun,
and your game can only improve !

Special Thanks

To my family who always have supported me !
My teammates, for the amazing work and the laughs !
Unity devs, for the amazing platform they give us ! 

Want to play some games ?

I create games in Unity for others, first for my little sister, then for competitions against other.

The competitions are there to improve myself, but i let the output public if peoples ever want to try simple funny games.

My Projects

Here's the repository on github when you can download and play my games, have fun !

My Story

We all have a passion. Mine is video games ! You can see here how i develop this affection for the sector of games !

And you ?

I wasn't expecting it at first, but making game in unity is a lot of fun,
i'm proud of what I've done so far, and i can only advise you to try it too !